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Official Package Inserts

Official Package Insert information on pharmaceuticals for both health professionals and consumers, available by brand name, generic name, manufacturer and therapeutic class.

The following drug information is applicable to the United States of America and has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This information is provided by pharmaceutical manufacturers. Drug InfoNet assumes no responsibility for omissions or errors.

  • Brand Name - Product information listed by brand name including generic name and manufacturer.

  • Generic Name - Product information listed by generic name including brand name and manufacturer.

  • Manufacturer - Product information listed by pharmaceutical manufacturer including brand name and generic name.

  • Therapeutic Class - Product information listed by therapeutic class including brand name, generic name and manufacturer.

If you cannot find the information that you need here, contact the pharmaceutical manufacturer directly. The Manufacturer Information section provides addresses, e-mail addresses, links, and phone numbers for many pharmaceutical manufacturing companies.


The product information included in this section was provided by the individual manufacturer of each product. Drug InfoNet has scanned the information and has placed it on our World Wide Web site. Although we have proof-read this product information, errors may have been missed. Words can be misinterpreted during the scanning process. Therefore, we cannot take responsibility for any errors or omissions in the product information presented. Should any errors be found please let us know immediately and corrections will be made.