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Doctors' Answers to "Frequently Asked Questions" - Suicide

These comments are made for the purpose of discussion and should NOT be used as recommendations for or against therapies or other treatments. An individual patient is always advised to consult their own physician.

NOTE: "If you are experiencing a crisis and feel suicidal, you should get on the phone and consult a mental or health professional immediately! This forum can not answer questions or concerns with any guaruntee of immediate response. There are many caring people, associations, and hotlines that can give you the immediate assistance you need. Consult your phone book, health professional or call your local emergency number immediately.

Suicide Attempt [posted 11/3/98]
Question:I'am looking for a doctor that can give me some advice about some bad new that we recieved. I'm a mother of three children my two oldest childrens dad tried to commit suicide He took seven hits of acid and drank anti-freeze. He did this on a Sunday, and didn't go to the hospital until mon 14th/98 some time in the morning to Campbellford hospital then he was flown to Kingston General and he was put in ICU because he is not breathing on his own and his body is crystallized. Why I'am telling you this is I'am trying to find out what kind of a chance he has to live or be normal again or what side affects could come out of this. Thank-you for your time.

Answer:Anti-freeze usually causes renal failure and occasional blindness. He will need to be on dialysis temporarily(possibly permanent depending on the dosage and the time lag), but should survive with impaired function.

Question: My fiancee attempted suicide about a year and a half ago. (Befes, we met). He was in a relationship at the time that ended badly. I love him very much, and we plan to get married in a couple of years, when I finish University. He's 24. He seems at times to be obsessed about death. He talks about what he would like in his obituary, etc... Also, he tells me, from time to time, that he would kill himself if I left him. Even though I assure him that I love him and this won't happen, I canít help but feel under pressure sometimes. I find myself thinking "What if something happens and we break up?" I feel as though his life is in my hands. He's a wonderful person and I love him very, very much, but how do I deal with this?

Answer: One of the major attributes of a co-dependent personality is the ability to feel that anotherís actions are in their control, or that they are responsible for other's actions. You have no more ability to "cause" your fiancee to attempt suicide than you do to cause me to attempt suicide. Your fiancee is responsible for his actions-you are responsible for yours. Do not be "blackmailed" with this type of behavior. It is the start of a disaster in a relationship. I suspect that your fiancee is deeply and continually depressed. I would recommend further counseling for him and if he is resistant take that as a warning for your long term relationship. If he admits his problems and seeks help there may be potential for your relationship. None that I'm aware of ;but, you can't argue with success.

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