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Doctors' Answers to "Frequently Asked Questions" - Sprain

These comments are made for the purpose of discussion and should NOT be used as recommendations for or against therapies or other treatments. An individual patient is always advised to consult their own physician.

Sprained Foot? [posted 1/12/99]
Question: I got up one morning and twisted my foot, the day before I moved Furniture. As the day went on it got very painful to put wait on my foot, so I went to the doctor. It was not swelling or blue and he said it was a Sprain and put an ace bandage on it. The next day the pain was moving up my leg and it was blue with a small swollen place. I went back to the doctor and the nurse practitioner could not get a pulse in my foot and said it was very cold. She called the doctor he said to x-ray it. We did and there was a small piece of something away from the bone. She was afraid of a blood clot, but she phoned the doctor and carried the x-ray to him. he called that night said it was a break in the x-ray and treated it like a sprain. Today my foot is a little better baring weight on it, but the calf of my leg is tender and when I lie down my foot becomes very cold. Could this be a blood clot and would it have anything to do with my left side hurting and being tender to press on? The black in the top my foot is not as dark today.

Answer: Could be either an arterial or venous clot, but the history is more consistent with a sprain.

Ankle Sprain & Playing Sports [posted 12/04/98]
Question: I am 12 years old I play field hockey and I sprained my wrist while playing. I have a game Wednesday and Thursday, is it safe to play but just wrap up my wrist? Thank you for your time.

Answer: Depends on how severe it is. However, straining an already weakened ligament is the way to severely injure it. You need to be evaluated for the severity which I can't do on the net.

Wrist Sprain
Question: I sprained my wrist 1 week ago, I have been keeping it wrapped and took darvocet 100 for the pain. My question is when you suffer a sprain like that is it safe to take pain medication and try to go to work or should a person stay home and rest?

Answer: Ok to take analgesia;but, you should avoid any unnecessary work with the wrist-like any sprain.

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