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Doctors' Answers to "Frequently Asked Questions" - Neck Pain

These comments are made for the purpose of discussion and should NOT be used as recommendations for or against therapies or other treatments. An individual patient is always advised to consult their own physician.

[posted 04/6/2000]
Question: I was digagnosed last fall('99), with a degenerative disk, c-2, to be exact. Since then, I've suffered with daily headaches and occasional migraines. The severity of the daily headaches vary, and I've tried MANY pain killers with no helpful results.
Can you list other pain killers that might help me? One's that would enable me to still function daily, but rid me of the constant headaches I suffer from?
At this point, I'm willing to try just about anything. Though I haven't been diagnosed, I know I am suffering from depression as well. Some days are much worse than others, concerning the depression, AND the headaches. I need to know what pain killers AND what anti-depressants I should try that won't mess me up later with strange side effects.

Thank you,

Answer: I assume you have tried traction and Physical therapy? If not help here, a chiropracter may be useful. Lastly, a massage therapist or an accupuncturist specialist would be may last choice. There are lots of narcotics, listing them is useless, trying to relieve the source of the pain is the answer.

[posted 08/21/1999]
Question: Approximately 18 months ago, I had an episode that I would
describe as a seizure. I was in bed, just about asleep when
I felt a sudden sensation that could best be described as
as a shock in my head with what I perceived as the sound of
an electricity jolt. It completely woke me up.

Over the past 18 months, these episodes are becoming regular
and occur up to five succesive times, each as I am just about
to fall asleep. It is causing hours of sleep loss as each
time it occurs I completely awake. It never occurs, or at
least I don't notice, after I have actually fallen asleep or
during the daytime.

The common factor: they occur is only when I have been on
the computer within three hours of trying to go to sleep.
I have kept track and the seizures never occur if I am
not on the computer, and conversely always occur if I have
been on the computer.

I have been a heavy computer user for over 10 years and never
had this condition prior to 18 months ago. I have tried
antiglare/ antistatic screen filters and changling my
monitor, but it continues to happen.

Could this be a symptom of a more serious condition, i.e. a
brain tumor other organic ailment?

Any suggestions on treatment I should seek?

Thank you.

Answer: Most likely due to some compression of your posterior spinal columns in your neck-called Lhermitte's Syndrome. I'd get a ct of your cervical spine and see your doctor for a neurologic evaluation. In the meantime, alter your neck position either at the computer or while sleeping, a cervical pillow would be helpful(available in a medical supply or larger drug stores).

[posted 10/4/1999]
Question: I injured my neck approximately 17 years ago and I have been told that the second vertebrae has been twisted and it has arthritis in it. I have been prescribed motrin,naproxyn,flexeril over the years and have recently started with daypro. Nothing seems to help. I am in constant severe pain and nobody locally says they can do anymore. Can you suggest a type of physician that might be able to help me? Thank you.

Answer: See a pain specialist. If you haven't seen a neurosurgeon them as well.

Once a Year Pain
Question: Very infrequently, possibly once a year but I'm not sure, as I begin to turn my head a tremendous pain will shoot up from one side of the back of my neck into one side of the back of my head. The pain is completely debilitating for several minutes but is usually completely gone in about ten minutes. I've asked several people if this has ever happened to them, but, no one seems to think it has. Because this is so infrequent, I've never remembered to mention it during a check-up, although it's been happening for as long as I can remember. I don't know if I've described it well enough for you to answer this question, however, I was wondering if this is something that happens occasionally to everybody or is it something I should be concerned about? Thank you for any information you may be able to supply.

Answer: Sounds like you have a cervical trigger point or possibly a cervical disc. Sometimes these are aggravated by a sleeping position or excessive use of a telephone on one side of the head.
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