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Doctors' Answers to "Frequently Asked Questions" - Drug Information

These comments are made for the purpose of discussion and should NOT be used as recommendations for or against therapies or other treatments. An individual patient is always advised to consult their own physician.

Manufacturers of various drugs [posted 1/8/99]
Question: Your site has been most helpful. However, I still need a lot of information in regards to the manufacturers of the following drugs: Darvocet, Humibid, lorezepam, lasix, proventil, atenolol, premarin, spironol, xanax, albuterol, prilosec, ifratopium, imipramine, zestril, ticlid, glynase, lipitor, cholestyramine, lotensin, tiasec, halfprin, dipentum, uniphyl, temazepam, hydroxyz, zaroxolyn, flurosemide, doxycycline, K-Dur, apap-codeine, meclizine, paxil, nitolingual spray, depakote, dilation, glyburide, imdur, zoroxilin, folic acid, colchicne, ultram, percocet, coumadin, mevacor, asorboride, niacin, lanoxin, neurontin, limprimine, pulmocare, acetyclyptine. I am a Social Worker for several HH companies and am trying to assist my patients with any available indigent programs. If you could help me with the names of the manufacturers or link me to a site with the information, I would be most appreciative.

Answer: You can find these in the Physicians Desk Reference(PDR), available in any book store or library.

Questions about Soma & Vicodin [posted 11/19/98]
Question: I would like to know if soma & vicodin are addictive drugs, how long a person can be on these safely, and what the normal dosages are, as well as side affects. Thank you!

Answer:  Vicodan is clearly addictive. I'm not sure what you define as safely, if you mean drug dependence some can become dependent in as little as 4-6 weeks at moderately high dosing(8 or more a day). Very individual and somewhat dosage and length dependent. Side effects would be constipation, bladder difficulties, decreased mental focus, occasional itching, nausea. Soma is less addicting;but, some can become dependent on it -less severe and of a different sort than Vicodan. Side effects are drowsiness, confusion, constipation.

Mescaline & Pharmacy Information [posted 11/18/98]
Question: I just returned from my pharmacy. I was shown my list of medications and mescaline was on the sheet prescribed by an MD that I don't even know. They have been putting his name on my Fastin prescription also, even when I tell them there is some mistake. They would not tell me what mescaline is but is that not some kind of narcotic? I can't find it on a drug list. What is it, or is someone getting drugs and putting it on my list? Or is that Fastin? Thank you

Answer:  Mescaline is an illicit drug and not available by prescription. Mesalamine possibly? Mestinon? However, they need to answer the issue of the wrong md on your prescription. This is illegal. If you don't get a satisfactory answer call the state board of pharmacy.

New Drug Information
Question: I am interested in any information that you can provide me on the following subjects: New Drugs On The Horizon For Clinical Depression, New Drugs Pending Prompt FDA Approval For Clinical Depression, Orphan Drugs For Clinical Depression.

Answer: Out of my league - I have enough trouble keeping up on the ones that have been approved.

Question: I am looking for references, although I am not able to find them, about idarubicin or idarubicinol neuropathy.

Answer: When I am in this type of quandary, I contact either the drug company who makes the drug's scientific department(Pharmacia and Upjohn 616-833-8244). Or I use the medical librarian(at a medical school). If there is not a medical school in your community the next best is the hospital librarian. They will usually help you in a search and certainly will for your physician. To do this correctly, you will need to search Index Medicus for this problem and read the most recent literature pertaining to neuropathy.

Question: Can you give me any information on the drug Clomid(sec)?

Answer: Clomid(clomiphene citrate) is a drug used to induce ovulation. It has strong estrogen receptor activity. This binding in the hypothalamus(over the pituitary gland) results in a surge of gonatotropins that result in follicular release by the ovary. This is a powerful drug and must be used correctly to avoid multiple ovulation’s and births. Even when used correctly, it does increase the incidence of multiple births. It was one of the first drugs used to induce otherwise sterile women to conceive and is still used extensively for this purpose.

Hydrogen Sulfide
Question: Can you tell me more about hydrogen sulfide as a cancer medication?

Answer: This is a drug with extensive research;but, little accepted medical uses. It has been championed by a Dr. Gold in Syracuse, NY 315-472-6618 and most of his research is published on a web site www.ngen.com\hs~cancer. It is similar to a MAO inhibitor in that certain foods must be avoided while you are taking the drug. It has recently received a lot of press after Penthouse's publisher, Bob Guccione's wife used the drug in treating her cancer.

Question: My wife had a seizure which was followed by acute psychoses. She was prescribed Tegretol, klonopin and olanzapine. Are these drugs combined safe for her?

Answer: The combination is safe if monitored;but, tends to be sedating. As I said before look for an underlying medical problem causing both symptoms.

Question: I am looking for the spelling of a drug...sounds like tribunalin. It is a drug used to stop contractions during pregnancy.

Answer: I suspect you are looking for terbutaline sulfate.

Question: Is there any evidence that taking Bricanyl to prevent early labor will harm the baby? Is there any danger to an eight month term baby that has dropped to a minus 2 position in the womb to remain in that position for a month?

Answer: Unfortunately, as with most drugs, there is insufficient data on pregnant women-it is unethical to give untested drugs to pregnant women.

Pentazocine vs. Hydrocodone
Question: How do the pain relieving properties of pentazocine(telacen) and Hydrocodone(vicodin) differ? Which is stonger? And what are the pros and cons?

Answer: Generally, pentazocine is thought to be a "stronger" analgesia. But, like most things some patients will have superior relief with hydrocodone. There is no major difference, both will produce the same side effects and both are effective analgesic agents.

Question: When using this medication, would a side effect be bruising, ex. eyelid bruising. Should a patient with a history of (phlibitis) blood clots, use this medicine. The medicine is currently being used for carpel tunnel syndrome.

Answer: Oruvail is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory. These drugs will all inhibit platelet function and increase bruising and bleeding. They are commonly used in superficial phlebitis to decrease the clotting of the blood as well as inflammation at the site of phlebitis. They are occasionally used in other types of phlebitis-but, are effective. There is no contraindication with phlebitis.

Question: I am wondering two things. First, by law, what does a psychiatrist have to tell patients about the side effects of neuroleptics, and are they upfront? Also, I know a lot about tardive dyskinesia, but what are some of the other side effects of these drugs?

Answer: Legally, no;but ethically yes. The standards of care dictate full disclosure;but, there is no law concerning disclosure. Other side effects include drowsiness, muscle stiffness, malignant neuroleptic syndrome, constipation etc.

Mylan 451
Question: Several weeks ago I injured my back in a motor vehicle accident. After seeing the doctor and getting Rafolen, I mentioned to a friend that they were not working all that well. He gave me something with the inscription mylan 451 on it.

Answer: This is naproxen sodium a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory. Good for pain and inflammation;but, tends to cause GI distress.

Question: What are the side effects of Lopressor?

Answer: Lopressor is a beta blocker. As such most common side effects are fatigue, nausea, occasional sleep disturbances, occasional wheezing or asthma, slow pulse.

Question: I have been recently put on Nolvadex. Could you tell me more about this drug (posology, reactions) and about my disease?

Answer: Nolvadex (tamoxifen) is a strong antiestrogen drug. This drug is mainly used in women post breast cancer to block any estrogen made by their body(and its effect on the breast cancer). It is occasionally used in endometriosis treatment;but, this is not an approved use. Side effects include hot flashes(probably estrogen withdrawal symptom), fluid retention, weight gain, nausea, diarrhea and occasional liver function abnormalities.

Toprol & Effexor
Question: At age 38 my husband was put on toprol xl 100 x2 morning and at night. He was also given effexor for depression that comes with toprol. 37.5 x2 a day. effexor has caused many problems. In process of getting off effexor which is very hard. When his blood pressure goes up he has chest pains. Heart has checked out of but it was scary the first few times. He has the depression because of the toprol and a lot of the other side effects of toprol but we are afraid to try a change for fear he will have the chest pains again. He's tired a lot and his memory fails him. He always had a great memory . Any suggestions on a different type of blood pressure pill that can help with out the side effects. He will be off Effexor within the next month. Will try to change pressure meds. after that.

Answer: Does he have angina or just blood pressure excursions? If blood pressure only there are about fifty other medications that will work. I would try a calcium channel blocker next and I doubt that I have ever placed a patient on antidepressants to counter the effect of a beta blocker-there are other options. If he really has angina the options are more limited.

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