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Allergy to Silvadene [posted 1/11/99]
Question: I burned my face yesterday with boiling water and grease. I went to the doctor and he gave me silvadene cream to put on the burn. He said it would help heal the burn 10 times faster than anything else. Today I had the cream on as he suggested and I noticed that my face was turning a purple color under the white cream. The insides of my nose was swelling, as was the rest of my face, even areas that the cream was not on. Pretty soon my eyes started to feel funny and twitch. I thought the reason my burn area was turning purple was because of the 2nd degree burns. I could not stand it any longer and wiped the silvadene cream off to see how bad the burn was. The purple color was coming off with the white cream. I obviously was having an allergic reaction. I am doing much better tonight. The doctor said he had never heard of anyone having a reaction to the silvadene. Why would I have a reaction to it and is there a connection to the fact that I am also allergic to Vicodin? Do they share a common ground that I need to be aware of? I would like to prevent these kinds of things from happening again.

Answer: No common problem. Allergies are very individual specific depending on your immune system.

Allergy to sunlight [posted 1/7/99]
Question: I have developed a strong sensitivity to sunlight in the past couple of years. I get hives, dizzy and nauseated when I'm in the sun for even short periods. For the past 2 years I have been prescribed a drug called trisoralen that has enabled me to go out in the sun to garden, golf, etc., and not have these reactions. I have been unable to get this prescription filled this summer. My doctor thinks it was taken off the market, but I have seen internet messages that refer to an article in a body building magazine that boast about the drug as a tanning agent and apparently it has become back ordered. I'm not sure which is the case, but people like me who need this drug for medical purposes find this disturbing. Is there an other treatment or therapy that can help with this condition?

Answer: It is still listed in the PDR, check with the company ICN: 800-548-5100 x2098.

Sulfa based allergy [posted 1/7/99]
Question: After taking Bactrim for 8 days, I broke out in severe hives all over my body. My doctor told me that I have an allergy to sulfa-based drugs. (I already knew that I was allergic to penicillin.) Am I now also allergic to products that contain sulfur (such as dried fruit - sulfur dioxide is used as a preservative)?

Answer: No.

Allergy Shots for Asthma  [posted 12/10/98]
Question: Hi, I have severe chronic asthma and am curious to know of the dangers of allergy shots (if there are any). For years I have been told to begin them, but I am still quite hesitant. Please respond.

Answer: Few dangers, although occasional patients will have severe reactions and rare deaths have been reported. Asthma usually doesn't respond very much to allergy shots. Seasonal allergies do and some asthmatics can;but, most have little response. Deciding whether you would be the one is difficult. However, if you have severe asthma which is not responding to treatment, it might be worth trying for a year or so.

Allergic Reaction? [posted 12/04/98]
Question: I have taken 4 tablets out of 14 and I have developed swollen nodules under the tongue. I stopped taken them, is this an allergy to the drug.

Answer: Probably.

Antihistamines [posted 12/04/98]
Question: Could you please tell me the names of all the U.S. FDA approved second generation antihistamines? Has ebastine (generic name) been FDA approved yet? Thank you

Answer: Currently approved are Claritin, Zyrtec, Hismanal and Allegra. I'm not familiar with ebastine. You would need to check with the manufacturer or the FDA directly.

  Allergic Reaction to Bactrim Started Problems [posted 12/02/98]
Question: Three weeks ago I had a drug allergy to bactrim which I took for Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), at the same time I also took isoniazid and vit b6. The ER doctor gave me benedryl and prednisone ever since I quit taking all the above mentioned medications I have not been feeling well. I started experiencing light headedness, shortness of breath, chest pressure/heaviness, tingling and ice cold feeling of the extremities, which has terribly disrupted my sleeping patterns. At first doctors said I have anxiety problems. then conducted thorough blood tests, EKG, echo. everything is normal. I still have tingling and ice cold feeling of my extremities and have developed burning sensation in my stomach and throat, acidic feeling even in my nose! My doc thinks I have reflux problem and suggests I take axxid, do you have any suggestions??????

Answer: Have they checked your liver functions? Isoniazid can cause liver toxicity and should be monitored. If this is normal, I would try the Axid.

  Allergies & Prednisone [posted 11/19/98]
Question:  I have severe allergies. I was on a cruise last week and saw the doctor there because I had an allergy attack (runny nose itchy eyes throat and completely blocked sinus where I couldn't breath from either side of my nose. He gave me prednisone to help the inflammation prescribed 10 mg in the morning and 10 mg at night. I have always taken it in the pack where you wean yourself off in 5 days so I didn't take it as much as he prescribed but took it when I needed it. Now I hear that is bad to do and I am concerned. How long do I have to be totally off the 10 mgs of prednisone before I can get a pack prescribed. And is there anything else that I can do for relief? I feel like Im going out of my mind Sinus sprays don't work sudafed and benydryl doesnt help either.

Answer: For short spells, weaning is not necessary. It is necessary if you have taken it for long periods-usually in excess of a month (depends a little on your age etc). Have you tried the steroid nasal sprays? Very effective and few/little side effects. Also, nasal cromlyn sulfate (available OTC) is also very effective and can be used with the nasal steroids.

Allergic Reaction & Medicalert [posted 11/11/98]
Question: My son had a severe allergic reaction to ceclor symptoms included hives, swelling,bruising and joint pain.My family doctor advised not to administer any more ceclor. Should I register with Medicalert since he had such a reaction?

Answer: Probably not necessary unless he is prone to being unconscious.

Macrodantin & Sulfa Allergy [posted 11/10/98]
Question: Can you please tell me if there is a problem for a patient to take Macrodantin if they are allergic to sulfa drugs.

Answer: No.

Possible Allergic Reaction to a Hair Permnanent & Potential Liver Involvement [posted 11/05/98]
Question:Almost 3 months ago I went to get a hair permanent. This was only the 4th hair perm I ever had my entire 42 year life. Before this, I had not even one cold for the last year and a half, a routine chest X-ray had been normal, never had any pollen allergies, asthma, etc. The day after the perm, I started to have a cough which got progressively worse. Eventually, I realized that I had a reaction to the perm and called my internist who then referred me to an allergist. My prescriptions varied as each doctor prescribed different medication. I was on Tilade, Azmacort, and then back on Azmacort. About a week after this medication shuffling, I began to have a very sore throat and went off all medication for 8 days. Spams and phlegm symptoms returned, so my allergist put me on Combivent(8 puffs/day) and Tilade (12 puffs/day). I have seen a specialist, he has said my air flow is still good, my blood pressure is in the normal range, and when he listens to my chest for breathing, says I sound ok. I had a set of blood work, 3 times this last year, mostly because I was complaining of GI problems last year. It was found my liver function tests were abnormal. I lost 20 pounds and have had 2 normal liver function tests, checking every few months. The only thing that is coming back abnormal is an ANA positive test of 1-160 in April and again in July. No explanation has been determined. The double-binded DNA test in July came back normal. My doctor, the internist is not alarmed but the tests but I am curious about why this is showing up.

Answer: The problem with the elevated liver functions needs to be addressed. The positive ANA is bothersome and could indicate biliary cirrhosis or liver involvement. Further testing would be necessary-but, this is not to be ignored. I doubt the permanent has anything to do with the elevated lfts. See a liver specialist.

Concerns Regarding Longterm Benadryl Use [posted 11/04/98]
Question:Does long-term use of Benedryl entail the risk of kidney damage or any other undesirable health consequence?


What to Take When Your Allergic to Allergy Medicine [posted 10/28/98]
Question: Thank you for your excellent web site. I am a 63 year old female with a history of allergies since puberty. In recent years it appears that I also have asthma. Last year I went into anaphylactic shock from my allergy desensatization shots(not sure why, may have been wrongly administered, may have been from a dose of Bumex taken the day before). It was many hours before I was stablized and the aftermath has been severe. Since that time my allergies to drugs have increased manyfold. I was allergic to sulfa and penicillan, demoral and morphine, and was sensitive to tetracycline. Through this year I have developed allergies to cephalasporins, ceftin, cipro and zithromax. I have bronchitis almost constantly and seem to have asthma. I have been given prednisone several times this year to try to quite things down and the last time I took it I broke out in a bright red rash on my cheeks and neck and bosoms. The rash was hot to the touch and uncomfortable but had not started itching. The druggist that I use all the time said to discontinue it. What is left? Am I in danger to take inhaled steroids? If so, what do I look for. It has been a year of such radical changes, I don't seem to know my own body any more. I'm not sure I have come to the right place to ask these questions, but it's a start. Thank you again. It is marvelous to find so much help in one place on the internet.

Answer:The rash would be very unusual on the steroids. Second, don't take your pharmacist's opinion until you check with your doctor. Thirdly, inhaled steroids have 1% of the side effects of systemic steroids so I doubt you'll have a problem. Lastly, have you tried Leukotriene inhibitors? These are relatively new asthma medications and very effective in 60% of patients.

Allergy to Ear Infection Meds [posted 10/21/98]
Question:I have been having a frustrating experience and would like a second opinion. My 7 year old daughter went through a period of recurrent ear infections for which she was treated with Amoxicillan. During one period when the ear infection returned 3 times in 4 months, he doctor changed the anitbiotic to Cephradine. The Cephradine caused an allergic reaction, a rash, and I immediately stopped giving it to her. Because she was only halfway through the course, her doctor switched to Augmentin, which he explained is Amoxicillan with "a kicker". Unfortunately, she again had an allergic reaction. Now her doctor is reluctant to again prescribe Amoxicillan, however today, he prescribed Cefclor, which I believe is the same type of antibiotic as Cephradine. I made him check her chart and he switched her to Amoxicillan at my urgence. I think, and this is where I would appreciate the second opinion, that she would likely not have had the reaction to the Augmentin is she were not already in a sensitive state. Since the allergic episode, she has been put on Amoxicillan by a pediatrician I took her to over the Thanksgiving Holliday when our doctors office was closed. She was fine with it. Do you think there is any reason to now stay away from the 'cillans? Is it possible to develope a lasting allergy to an antibiotic that used to work fine?

Answer: Why use a drug when she has had a previous reaction? There are many other classes which would be fine with otitis media. Find another doctor, this one is stuck in one channel.

New Allergy [posted 10/13/98]
Question:Lately, every couple of days, I have been waking up in the middle of the night at around 3AM. My throat and face are so swollen I can barely open my eyes, the affected area is itchy and very hot and eventually blisters. I take very small dose of cortisone daily,reactine or Benadril but it has not changed anything to my condition. I have stopped eating things that are part of my normal diet one at a time but it didn't help. Doctor's have no idea what is happening to me, more exactly what causes it. They can only tell me that my body releases an unusual amount of Histamine. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer: Have you had allergy testing? Also has your doctor tested you for angioneurotic angioedema? Both possible and the treatment is different.

OK To Give the Dog Benadryl? [posted 10/13/98]
Question: My dog is currently on Zestril for her heart condition. She is also on Baytril, Taurine and l- Carnitine. Would it be safe to give her her usual dose of Benadryl for her allergies?

Answer: Should be.

Longterm Effects of Claritin & Nasonex [posted 10/13/98]
Question: My 10 yr. old daughter has seasonal allergies -- fairly severe. Our Dr. prescribed 10 mg claritin, along w/ nasonex spray. I'm concerned about giving her the steroid spray -- there seems to have been little research on pediatric use/side effects. What can we expect?? Also the claritn is making her rather lethargic -- she just doesn't feel "well" and it's beginning to take a toll -- is there any other med. she could take??

Answer: You shouldn't have any long term problems with the nasal spray. Also, you can combine this with nasalcrom(available otc) and get additive effect. Ocular cromlyn sulfate drops work great for the eye itching( I also use them for the ears) without any sedation. Try just the sprays, drops and see if she can get by without the Claritin. A little chocolate or coffee usually reverses the fatigue. Lastly, allergy shots work exceptionally well on seasonal allergies-probably the best reason to do them.

Less Expensive Allergy Medication [posted 10/13/98]
Question: I have been on Claritin D for 1 and a half years now. I recently married and have gone off my parents insurance. Could you recommend any comparable drugs that would be less than $80? I have heard about Allegra and Zyrtec, but was wondering if over the counter Tylenol Sinus and Allergy would work for long-term use?

Answer: Any of the OTC antihistamines work. Generic benadryl would be my preference and the cheapest. These are more sedating;but, sometimes you can get by with taking them only at bedtime. If you are troubled by nasal drainage, itching, OTC nasalcrom is very effective-especially when used with antihistamines. Tylenol Sinus/Allergy is fine;but, lots more expensive than you need. Also, there is no reason to take the acetaminophen if you only need antihistamine. Check with your pharmacist for the lowest priced generic OTC in your area-there are many.

Claritin-D at Night [posted 10/6/98]
Question: Can a stuffed-up nose at night produce dry mouth during the day? Is Claritin-D allright to take for night-time stuffiness? Will Claritin-D exascerbate dry mouth?

Answer: Yes. Claritin D contains a decongestant that makes many patients experience difficulty sleeping. I'd recommend another drug, unless you're sleeping ok. The dry mouth may be the side effect of the Claritin, common with antihistamines.

Allergies or Illness [posted 8/14/98]
Question: I have had allergies to dust and mold for 15 years now. I get a shot every 2 weeks. My worst time is between November and April in Pennsylvania. Also I have taken various nasal sprays, but I get used to them. It seems like I am always sick. I’ve had a different prescription every month since October. Either my immune system isn't working and I catch everything at school from the little kids or my allergies are worse. Which is it? I want my good health back like I used to have.

Answer: You'll probably have these symptoms as long as you stay in your current locale. I doubt that the shots are going to prevent the problem. Avoid smoke, dust. Ensure you don't smoke and if it continues, you'll have to consider relocating where there are different pollen profiles.

Allergy to Smoke
Question: After I am exposed to cigarette smoke, my head is stuffed up, my eyes water and as the congestion moves, throw-up all day. Do you have any patients with similar symptoms. How do you treat them. I have had help with treating the allergy or sensitivity to the smoke, but not the problem with my stomach reacting.

Answer: I would work on intranasal steroid inhalation and intranasal cromolyn sulfate on a regular basis. I'm at a loss to explain the nausea, but I would treat this like any inhaled allergen.

Sinus and Allergy Problems
Question: My 15 year old daughter has allergies and sinus problems. She takes allegra for the allergies but still manages to have sinus infections numerous times times during the year. The problem is that she has no energy. it doesn’t matter if she has 8 or 12 hours of sleep. She is always tired. She has had her iron tested and that is OK. Our doctor says there is nothing that he can do. Do you happen to know of an herbal remedy or something I can do to help her combat this. Vitamins do not seem to help.

Answer: I suspect it is the Allegra. What are her allergies? Has she tried nasal steroid sprays and/or desensitization? Has the house been allergy eliminated? (That is no dogs, dust, etc.) Nasal cromolym is also occasionally of help. I'd focus on nasal steroids and avoidance and try to eliminate the Allegra.

Allergy Treatment
Question: What is the most common treatment for nasal congestion related to seasonal allergies?

Answer: The most common are the pseudoephridine and ephedrine drugs. However, drugs like Nasalcrom work better and are now available over the counter. Probably over time they will surpass the previously mentioned drugs.

Allergies - Claritin / esgic plus
Question: I heard a lot about claritin tablets for relieving allergies and was thinking about seeing by doctor about this medicine. If I suffer from migraine headaches and am currently taking esgic plus tablets, will he give me claritin to relieve my allergies?

Answer: He probably will. There isn't any contraindication that I' m aware of.

Bird Allergies
Question: I have a friend that has had some lung problems (shortness of breath, difficulty breathing after walking up stairs, congestion, etc.). She has seen a pulmonologist who says she is allergic to her birds and must get rid of them. Is there any other way to care for her until the birds die? She has seven of them, three of which are buggies which only live three or so years. She is willing to not replace her birds as they die, but they are family members to her and she is really confused about what to do.

Answer: What has been tried? Has she tried inhalers, allergy shots, inhaled steroids, or inhaled cromlyn sulfate? These might be sufficient to keep things to a dull roar. Also, with birds, it is usually the danger. Wearing an isolation mask will help and keeping the birds out of sleeping areas and eating areas to minimize her exposure.

Allergy Medication
Question: The last two allergy seasons (August through the first frost), the only drug that has given great relief without drowsiness or other side affects has been Seldane D. I recently heard that there has been some concern over the drug and that it may be pulled. I still have a month supply that hasn't expired and want to use it this August. Should I be concerned?

Answer: Not really-- just don't take it with erythromycin or antifungal antibiotics. The risk is cardiac irregularities with very high doses which build up while taking these other drugs. However, there are several other alternatives which do not produce cardiac irregularities. Claritin, Allegra, and Zytec are all effective and will not produce the drowsiness. Have you tried nasalcrom(now available over the counter) or nasal steroids? These are very effective with almost no systemic effects.

Allergy and Immunology
Question: My daughter is 10 years old, she always has a stuffy nose, and can barely breath. I have bought several over the counter medicines, but nothing helps her. Could you give some advice as to what I can do?

Answer: There are several causes of "stuffy" or congested noses that are treatable. First, ensure that the air is humidified. The nose's job is to humidify the air before it gets to the lungs. If the air is dry it will secrete copious amounts of fluid to accomplish this purpose. Humidity will really help. Secondly, it may be allergic. This can be treated with avoidance of the allergens, topical steroids on a regular basis (nearly free of side effects-unlike other steroid use), or anti-histamines. Occasionally, a medication will cause the problem like clonidine, etc., but these are not used in children. Chronic use of over the counter nose sprays (Afrin, etc.) over long periods will actually produce the stuffiness you are trying to prevent. This is called rhinitis medicosium.

Question: I've had allergies all my life. I used to sneeze a lot, but for the past several years, beginning around age 46, I need to cough a lot to bring up the mucus. I prefer the sneezing because this causes my ears to plug up a lot. Why might I be coughing and not sneezing?

Answer: Mucus tends to increase with age and allergies tend to increase with exposure. What are you trying for the allergies? Nasal cromlyn and nasal steroids can be very effective in reducing mucus. Also, are you having any gastric reflux which might be complicating matters? Reducing acid reflux can sometimes help. Is the mucus yellow or colored? Sometimes patients will develop chronic bronchitis (not related to allergy), which needs to be treated.

Allergy Medications
Question: I am presently taking Zyrtec (10 mg), Vasacon A (eyes), and Vancanese. I have been taking them for 5 days. What is the time period until the effectiveness of Zyrtec and Vancanese occur for relief? My eyes have worsened with increased redness, slight discharge, crusty eyes in morning, and tearing throughout day. Is there an eye medication that is effective because Vasacon does not work or could be worsening my eye condition? I have discontinued these medication as of the fifth day.

Answer: Zyrtec will work the day you take it and for about 48 hours at a lesser amount. Vasacon A will usually work the day you take it. However, it is preventive in nature and sometimes takes several days of continuous use to be effective. Stopping even for one to two days may prevent its effectiveness. With the crusting, I'd get a new bottle to ensure that there is not an infection. Crusting is very uncommon in the absence of an eye infection. Has your eye been cultured? Optichrom is a similar product which you might try.

Allergy Medications
Question: Is there an over-the-counter allergy medication that I can take (for seasonal allergies) that will not adversely interact with my high blood pressure medication?

Answer: All the antihistamines will have warnings concerning blood pressure and blood pressure medicines. In practice, there is little problem. However, take your blood pressure before and after the antihistamines and see if your blood pressure rises a significant amount. If so, you should avoid these medications.

Allergy Medications
Question: I apparently am allergic to dust. I have post nasal drip that causes me to cough a great deal and I have no energy.. I am using Flonase and use Claritin periodicaly. I would appreciate any suggestions for medications. I am working on reducing dust in my home.

Answer:Dust allergy usually represents an allergy to the common dust mite. There is a specific antigen which can be tested and then administered to people with dust allergy. This can he extremely effective in decreasing symptoms. You are on good medications currently-Flonase needs to be used regularly to be effective-occasional use is of little benefit. Claritin can be used sporadically. Use of intranasal cromium sulfate or equivalent may be of some benefit in preventing attacks.

Allergy Relief
Question: Do any of the H1 antagonists (i.e. Seldane vs Claritin) have a significant advantage (increased efficacy or decreased toxicity) over the others in the treatment of allergic rhinitis?

Answer: Although the different companies attempt to persuade you of the value of their particular product, I haven't been impressed with any clinical difference. This includes self-use since I am a fellow sufferer. There are potential different drug interactions - Claritin is not contraindicated with erythomycin for example, but but this appears to be about the only major difference from my perspective.

Nasal Spray
Question: I saw an ad on TV for an allergy medication (nasal spray) that is used prior to symptoms, i.e. before going outside for the day where pollen might be a problem. It stated this product could be used throughout the allergy season and was non-addictive. I cannot remember the name of the drug nor if a prescription is required. Any idea what this new drug is?

Answer: Probably cromlyn sulfate nasal spray called nasalcrom. This is a drug that stabilizes the membranes to prevent histamine release. It is minimally effective once an attack occurs; but, very effective as a preventive type drug. I use it a lot for my allergies during August.

Sulfa Based Drugs
Question: How do you know if you are allergic to a sulfa based drug. I seem to become nauseated and throw up several hours after taking them. They were prescribed for a sinus infection which does not seem to be improving.

Answer: This is not really an allergy; but, a local reaction of the gastric tract. Try taking it with some food -or use another antibiotic. But, this is not a drug allergy per se.

Sinus Infection
Question: Hello, Thanks for taking the time to read and respond to this! I have had allergy symptoms for 20 years (I'm 38). I have been allergy tested with no allergies found. The best explanation so far is I am affected by irritants. The new antihistamines are effective, but I seem to still get 3 to 4 intense sinus infections a year. I don't think I get enough drainage. I had major sinus surgery 2 years ago and that helped for about 1 year. I have been taking Nasacort spray for about 3 months and that seems to help. My only remaining symptom is I get dizzy, light headed, and a headache every afternoon and it gets worse until I go to bed. I can't correlate it to stress (same on weekends), eating habits (foods or timing), liquid intake, environment (happens when I travel and at home). The only thing it correlates to is about 8 hours after I am vertical. The pain is bearable, but day after day I feel like I'm missing half my life as I don't want to do much except lie down feeling like this.

Answer: Is this pain in your sinuses? I suspect your sinuses are the culprit. Other causes could be cervical trigger points or cervical misalignment. Both are treatable with physical therapy or chiropractic manipulation.

Chlorine Allergy
Question: Is it possible to be allergic to chlorine? If so, how can I be tested for it and how quickly can it be determined? Please respond quickly, time is of the essence.

Answer: Chlorine as in gas or as in a component of chemicals? I'm not aware of any specific test; consult an allergist-but, offhand I'd say no.

Allergy to Menthol
Question: I have allergies to menthol. Is Beclomethasone or carboxymethylcellulose any form of menthol?

Answer: No.

Question: Back in June I received a kenalog shot for allergies. I received the shot in my rear hip area. Several months later I developed a rather large sunk in spot where the shot was given. The muscle beneath the sunk in spot is rather sore and knotted. The nerve running down my leg seems to be irritated and my foot gets tinglely and cold. Could this be related to the shot I was given. My muscle in my rear and leg also seems to bother me when I drive and do other normal activities. If I need to have this looked at what type of physician should I see.

Answer: It sounds like fat atrophy from the steroids. Why did you get a shot? There are plenty of oral steroids that would perform as well. The only way you will know if the nerve is involved is to get nerve conduction studies on the nerves to your legs. I'd probably see a neurologist since that is probably your major potential problem.

High + MAST Test
Question: I scored a very high positive on a MAST test for Aspergillus (among other things). Please tell me if there is a prescription drug for this or a suggested alternative cure.

Answer: Many patients react to Aspergillus; but, don't have clinical disease. There are several possible syndromes to aspergillus ranging from direct infection to an allergic phenomenon. If you have the hypersensitivity reaction, you will need prolonged steroid treatment. If you have the direct fungal infection(not likely), you will need systemic antifungal drugs.

Question: If I am allergic to penicillin, will I have a reaction to Trimox?

Answer: Usually yes.

Question: My daughter was recently seen by a doctor for a moderate sore throat and was prescribed Zithromax 250 mg, two tablets the first day and one tablet for the next four days. At the time of the visit she told him that she was allergic to erythromycin. Now, my question is should she continue taking zithromax since it is related to erythromycin or is it?

Answer: What is her allergy? Nausea? If so then the zitromax is ok. If a rash, etc. then she should not take either Biaxin or Zithromax.

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