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Drug InfoNet Doctors' Answers to Frequently Asked Questions - Trazadone

Doctors' Answers to "Frequently Asked Questions" - Trazadone

These comments are made for the purpose of discussion and should NOT be used as recommendations for or against therapies or other treatments. An individual patient is always advised to consult their own physician.

Trazadone and other medications [posted 1/14/99]
Question: While taking Trazadone, what other medications should I avoid? i.e. - Advil, Benadryl? Also, do I need to taper off when stopping the medication and will there be side effects with this?

Answer: Don't take anti-histamines(Benadryl, etc.), but Advil is ok. Tapering is usually not necessary, but some will experience psychological withdrawal not physical withdrawal.

Trazadone and headaches [posted 1/7/99]
Question: Can Trazadone cause headaches?

Answer: No.

Doing Without Trazodone [posted 12/01/98]
Question:  I have been taking trazadone for 9 months. I started with 2 tablets (l00mg) and weaned myself down to only l/3 of a 50mg. at this time. I have tried sleeping without taking this dose and cannot fall or stay asleep. I am currently taking 30mg of Paxil too. I hope to come off Paxil within the next 6 months as this is for my anxiety and panic attacks. My question to you is what if I can NEVER sleep without a small dose once I am off Paxil. Will I need t his for life?

Answer: Some patients will experience sleep disorders on the SRI antidepressants, this could be the problem. You'll need to see how you do off the Paxil.

Is Trazodone Known to Cause Memory Loss [posted 11/4/98]
Question: I am taking Trazadone 100mg per night to put me to sleep. Both my sisters were also on trazadone and experienced memory problems. The last time I was on it I thought I was also experiencing memory problems and changed to other medicine. Finally, 4 years later I am diagnosed with ADHD and back on trazadone. My question is does trazadone negatively effect memory. Given that I have ADHD with its attentdant memory problems the last thing I need is a drug that reduces what little memory ability I have left.

Answer: Nothing obvious.

Trazodone for Sleeping [posted 10/8/98]
Question:I am a male 23 years old that had a brain injury and has trouble slepping long, wake up every 2 hours. They gave me TRAZODONE 50 mg to help me on sleeping. Will it help me sleep only at night?

Answer: Should, but, some experience drowsiness all day. You'll have to try and see how it works for you.

Trazodone [posted 10/1/98]
Question: My son has panic attacks. He is 14 years of age. The doctor has perscribed trazadone which he takes at night. She has also perscribed xanax. What do these drugs do? Are both drugs anti-depressants. The pharmacist told me that trazadone was an anti-depressant but that xanex was not. Can you explain how each drug helps my son with panic attacks?

Answer: Trazodone (Desyrel) is an antidepressant which is in its own class of antidepressant activity. Xanax belongs to the class called benzodiazepines and is used to treat anxiety, stress reactions, etc. It is not an antidepressant, indeed, some patients will have worsening of depression on the drug. Trazodone works on the root chemical cause of the panic disorders, thought to center around serotonin in some manner and xanax is used to keep the symptoms under control. Very effective when used together for this problem. Xanax is potentially addictive, trazodone is not.

Trazodone [posted 8/13/98]

Question: My 10 year old daughter has been seeing a psychiatrist for educational problems. He recently started her on Ritalin extended release. She has been having a lot of difficulty falling asleep. She has had problems with this before, but it does seem worse now. He prescribed half a tablet of trazadone to help her sleep and try to get her back to a better sleep cycle. I can find little information on this, and would like to know possible side effects, as well as the possibility of her getting into a cycle where she would have to use the medicine to sleep. Is this too much for a 10 year old? She also takes asthma medications on and off, which contribute to the problem.

Answer: This is a common problem with Ritalin. Antihistamines are used with some effect and are not habit forming. Trazadone is not habit forming, but may produce day time somnolence. It is common with Ritalin to have to use a second drug to overcome some of its side effects. However, play with the dosage of Ritalin to see if you can achieve the needed concentration without the adverse side effects.

Trazodone and Hair Loss
Question: I have been losing a lot of hair and it appears to be worse now than ever before because my scalp is quite visible, especially around the bang area. Can Trazodone cause hair loss? I take 150 mg at bedtime every day.

Answer: Hair loss is not one of the usual side effects. Check for other causes with your doctor.

Zoloft and Trazadone
Question: How long does it take for these 2 drugs to leave the body? Do they leave the body completely, or is there any residue left anywhere (stored in fat?)? If so, where? If some residue exists, how long is it there, or is it always there? If someone took 150 mg of Zoloft and 175 mg of Trazodone over an 8 day time period, is there any health risk to any other part of the body? Should that person not have children after taking these drugs? If it's okay to have children, how long should they wait? Will having ever taken these drugs affect the fetus in any way? Does having taken these drugs alter the brain or body in any way? Is there anything else one should know about them?

Answer:Zoloft is cleared from the body after about three days. Trazadone varies more from individual to individual, but will usually be gone after three days. Trazadone is more likely to be stored in fat, but in negligible quantities. Neither of these drugs has a particular contraindication concerning pregnancy. However, no drug will say that it is completely safe. I would not be concerned about conception with either of these drugs. Each of these drugs affects the brain while one is taking the drug. That is their purpose. However, once the drug is cleared, there is no residual effects.

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